Do you own property that’s left vacant, even for short periods? It can be a concern, with the risk of burglaries, metal theft or even squatters. Property management experts Veritas explain why owners should never leave their property looking as though it is vacant – and how they can achieve this.

What’s the most important thing to consider in order to protect my empty property?

It’s really quite straightforward: the cheapest and easiest way to protect your property while it is empty is to make it look as though it isn’t vacant. Things like unmown lawns, an accumulation of litter and a general air of being uncared for are easily remedied. A property that is obviously empty is much more of a target.

What are the risks of leaving a property looking vacant?

A property that looks vacant can rapidly attract unwanted attention, whether that’s petty vandalism and break-ins or potentially more serious issues such as squatters. These are costly and time-consuming problems, which can affect the value of your investment and ultimately impact the resale value of the property.

What services do you offer to help with this?

We’d start with straightforward maintenance tasks, like grass and hedge cutting and keeping the outside of the property looking attended to. It’s important that this is done regularly. Litter removal especially, because litter attracts more litter. If it is left, you can rapidly find you have a fly-tipping problem, as others think, “that’s a good idea!” and leave their rubbish too.

What are the weak points as far as security is concerned and what do you suggest as remedies?

We’d put the key access point at the back and a steel door at the front to ensure they are secure. In addition, we use Translite Anti Vandal Sheeting instead of steel shuttering, because in our view steel shutters are far too obvious.

What’s Translite and why is it better?

Translite is a semi-translucent material, so when you drive past it just looks like attractive windows not the shuttered up appearance of an obviously vacant property. It is vandal proof, with a reinforcing steel mesh, but it lets some light in, so it provides a twofold advantage.

A lot of the things you’ve mentioned sound like things I could do myself – why should I come to you?

You could indeed – and many people do. This is where our expertise comes into play, because we’ve advised so many clients and we know what works. We can suggest security furniture and precautions that are proven to be effective. In addition, property owners often aren’t around to carry out essential routine maintenance tasks often enough, so they come to us for a complete service.

Taking these few straightforward steps can help protect your property from the risk of loss or damage. If you have questions, call on the experts. Veritas Maintenance and Security offers a full range of property management services. Residential and commercial property services include: security, clearing/cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment. Get in touch today to find out how we can help with your property management requirements. Call us for a chat on 01249 848344, or email