Technology marches on apace and Veritas recommends that properties are best protected against intrusion using video verification instead of CCTV. We explore the differences and the benefits of the newer systems.

Why is video verification better than CCTV?

CCTV has to be constantly monitored to be effective – it doesn’t alert you to a break-in, it just records what has happened. You wouldn’t know about the break-in until you next visited the property, by which time the intruders are long gone.

How do the costs compare?

It can be very costly to pay a guard to patrol your premises, taking into account holiday pay and sick pay. CCTV can cost as much as £60,000 per year for a full monitoring service. Wireless intruder alarm systems with integrated video verification send a video clip upon activation of a detector to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) operator who can generate an urgent response to a genuine crime in progress discounting costly false alarms and expensinve CCTV surveillance. This system can be installed and monitor at a fraction of the price to the more traditional methods.

CCTV records evidence, so isn’t that enough to identify the intruder?

The problem with CCTV is that you have to look at the recording after the event and often the intruder steals the video recorder, so the evidence is lost. Cloud-based recordings are a better bet but by the time you review the recording, the intruder has escaped.

How is video verification better?

This is Veritas’s preferred option as it records, detects and alerts immediately. The quicker an intruder can be apprehended, the less damage they can do. Often the true cost of a break-in is not the valuables or assets that are stolen but damage and disruption. Intruders can seriously disrupt a business or a family, by taking copper or vandalising the property. Video verification is also wireless, so works even if there’s a power loss, unlike CCTV.

Video verification might be the state of the art but is it readily available?

Yes it is, though it’s true that many people aren’t aware of it. Veritas continually assesses new technology as it becomes available. We recommend it from the point of view of cost, as it sits between guarding and CCTV. We also believe it is even more effective than guarding, because you can have as many cameras as you like, monitoring every room and every angle.

What’s the advantage of video verification as far as insurance is concerned?

By alerting to the presence of an intruder, it can prevent expensive claims for liability arising. The system alerts as soon as an intruder is detected, so there is less time for him to injure himself, which in turn limits potential claims for liability. Veritas takes steps to limit liability in other ways, too. It used to be sufficient to say that the locks had been changed to prevent intruders, but now we reduce liability by doing a risk assessment, installing both an alarm and video verification and documenting the whole process.

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