Regularly maintaining your property is a chore and employing a maintenance company costs money. Veritas, the property management experts, explore the reasons that you ignore regular servicing of equipment and repairs at your peril.

How do most property owners approach the problem of maintenance?

Obviously, the cost in terms of time and money means it’s nobody’s favourite task. We strongly suggest that landlords carry out regular property maintenance rather than leaving it until a problem arises. Getting a neglected building back up to standard is far more costly than if it is regularly looked after.

Would you recommend annual boiler servicing?

Once a boiler breaks down, it’s too late. You can almost guarantee that it will break down at 6pm, so you have emergency callout charges, plus the cost of the repair and possibly the tenant will refuse to pay rent until it’s fixed. Just doing the bare minimum to comply with legislation is a false economy.

How does that compare with paying annual maintenance charges for a boiler that’s working perfectly well?

It works well because it’s serviced! An average cost for annual servicing might be around £40, as opposed to £80-plus for an emergency call out and then the cost of the repair. If the repair takes a while or you have to wait for parts, that can take several days and you’ll need to add the cost of rent or hotel charges for your tenants’ accommodation, which can add enormously to the financial pain.

What is a landlord’s responsibility, in the event of a boiler breakdown?

One of the reasons Veritas recommends regular maintenance is to reduce legal liability. You need to have your annual gas check, that’s a given but if your boiler breaks down and your tenants are vulnerable – elderly, young children or pregnant women – and there’s no heat or hot water on a freezing night, there could be serious repercussions for you as well as for them.

What do you suggest property owners do, in addition to statutory checks and regular maintenance?

We always suggest installing a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector. We carry out a free smoke and CO check but to be 100% secure we recommend the combined detector is fitted. Then our landlords can say they’ve complied with the requirement to have a gas check and they have the extra protection for their tenants, too.

What’s your take-home message on maintenance?

Veritas strongly recommends carrying out regular preventative maintenance to protect your property’s value, to keep your tenants safe and to avoid costly emergency repairs – or even legal disputes. Veritas charges reasonable rates if you haven’t the time or expertise to do it yourself. Our clients agree that it’s a wise investment.

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