Metal theft is an ongoing problem in the UK.

It has increased tenfold as worldwide prices for scrap metal has dramatically risen due to rapid industrialisation in countries like China and India.It is common and costly and the items stolen vary enormously from air conditioning units being stolen for their copper tubing to the theft of catalytic converters for their palladium, radium and aluminum.

A Police review has said that metal theft is now the fastest growing crime in the UK and has reached epidemic proportions with more than 1000 offences taking place each week. This costs the economy more than £770 million every year as thieves target the transport system, public and private buildings as well as places of worship.

Vacant Property Protection Specialists Veritas offer a combined solution to metal theft by installing their V3 alarm solution, a rapidly deployable cost-effective video verification alarm system that can be used anywhere. The V3 system, a portable alarm and an efficient and real alternative to expensive CCTV, is quick to install and gives visual verification of any intrusion. Veritas alarms are monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where all activations are immediately scrutinized and, alongside trained Veritas operatives, agreed protocols and processes are actioned without delay. If an intruder is confirmed a guard is immediately deployed to site to investigate.

This used alongside the market leading anti-theft marking solution; Smartwater, provides a formidable foe to the opportunist intruder or the career metal thief. Such is the strength of the SmartWater deterrent that of over 100 interviewed criminals, 74% said that they would abandon their plans to break into a building if a SmartWater deterrent label was on display. The fear factor amongst criminals is high, increasing the likelihood of intruders fleeing crime scenes without stealing anything.

Veritas secure commercial and residential properties in locations all across England and Wales. Their core services for vacant properties range from risk assessment, clearing, cleaning and maintenance, through to security, monitoring and preparation for re-letting or sale. These services protect properties against unauthorised access and a variety of hazards such as arson, theft and squatting.