Paul Atwell

Managing Director

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Chris Atwell

Security Director

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Tim Hancock

Sales Director

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Florence Earle

Operations Director

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Steve Casey FCA

Finance Director

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Charlie Spokes

Senior Contracts Manager

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Nick Mullin

Property and Facilities Manager

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Jean Powell

Stategic Account Manager

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Ellie Hoare

Strategic Account Manager

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Carly O’Donnell

Strategic Account Manager

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Lucy Wilkinson

Strategic Account Manager

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Jackie Case

Account Manager

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Mandy Brophy

Account Manager

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Dale Richards

Account Manager

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Melissa Vollaire

Sales and Contractor Manager

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Rachael Crisp

Internal Operations Manager

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Myles Atkins

Compliance & Contractor Manager

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Robyn Purps

Finance Manager

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Michael Barker

Out of Hours Coordinator

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Victoria Lester

Out of Hours Coordinator

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John Brophy

Field Manager

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James Hall

Operations Manager

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Wayne Preece

Site Technician

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Jane Atwell

HR and Finance Administrator

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Louisa Tolley

Account Manager

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Jess Shanley

Finance Assistant

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